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Monday – Saturday: 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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New Year’s Day,  President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

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16520 Davis Street Clearlake, CA 95422

(707) 995-0104


Rates effective as of July 1, 2022



Clean Green Yard Debris
Green organic plant material such as but not limited to, tree trimmings, grass, leaves, etc. Green organics must not contain any contaminates such as, trash, plastics, etc.   

Minimum Charge $20.00

$63.00per ton
Stumps > 12″$100.00per ton


Clean Construction Wood
Any clean wood, nails OK. Wood that is not recyclable includes but not limited to, painted wood, any kind of treated wood, particle board, etc.
Minimum Charge $20.00
$63.00per ton
Clean Concrete
Concrete must be separate from soils and dirt, no rebar and 12” minus.
Minimum Charge $20.00
$20.00per ton
Concrete with Rebar
Concrete must be separate from soils and dirt. Rebar OK.
Minimum Charge $30.00
$30.00per ton
Clean Asphalt
Asphalt must be separate from soils and dirt or higher charges may apply.
Minimum Charge $20.00
$20.00per ton
Clean Dirt
Any soil or dirt free of contaminates such as trash, concrete, asphalt, green waste, etc.
Minimum Charge $25.00
$25.00per ton


Our compost is a cost-effective farming practice and its use has many benefits. The high organic nutrient content High including nitrogen & calcium, breathes life into depleted soils.

  • It increases water retention
  • It aids drainage in clay or heavy soils
  • It reduces soil diseases
  • It works as a natural option for weed suppression
  • Research shows application in vineyards has produced greater leaf growth & yield
  • Choosing local reduces the carbon footprint of trucking& closes the loop on sustainability
  • When you use compost and work to keep organics out of the landfill, you are helping protect our planet from the consequences of climate change.

Find out more by visiting our Residential Compost or Commercial Compost pages.

Please Note: Food Scraps collection has not been implemented in rural Lake County but it's coming soon!

Our Products

One of the easiest ways to improve your soils structure is to add organic matter, Organic matter gives the soil more porosity which helps the soil retain water and also store oxygen which is necessary for plant growth. Our Blended Compost adds organic matter along with nutrients to help balance soil structure and promote plant growth.

Quackenbush Blended Compost

Grape pomace is added to our Quackenbush compost which increases the nutrient content of the compost. The compost has dark rich color and fine texture. The compost is screened to 3/8” minus. Price per ton: $35.00 plus tax

Quackenbush Compost

Purely green-material compost. Composted for several months to give a rich color and a medium texture. Also screen to 3/8” minus. Price per ton: $25.00 plus tax


Topsoil is mixed with 60% compost and 40% soil to be extra rich in organic matter great for new lawns, gardens and other applications.

Price per ton: $35.00 plus tax

Wood Chips 3/8” Minus

Finely ground screened to 3/8” minus good for topdressing and mulching.

Price per ton: $27.00 plus tax

Wood Chips 1”

Has a golden color course texture, good topdressing.

Price per ton: $25.00 plus tax

Sustainable Base

Base is made from recycled concrete, asphalt, rock and ceramics. This product is then crushed and screened to 3⁄4” minus, making it excellent for driveways, roads and paths. Use it as an alternative to traditional Base Rock.

Price per ton: $16.00 plus tax

Facility information


Please call or use the inquiry form below for pricing and information. Additional transportation fees may be required. There is a 5 ton minimum for delivery.


Compost Sales

New State Law Requirements for Self-Haul Organic Waste

The SB 1383, California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy, require commercial organic waste generators, including landscapers, to maintain certain records if they comply with the organic waste collection service requirement by self-hauling their generated organic waste. (Title 14, Chapter 12, Article 3, Section 18984.9) 


The records commercial businesses that self-haul must keep are:

  • Delivery receipts and weight tickets from each entity receiving organic materials, including the amount of organic material in cubic yards or tons.
  • If the organic waste is transported to a site that does not have scales or that employs scales incapable of weighing the waste received, the self-hauler is not required to record the weight of material. However, the self-hauler must maintain a record of the entity that received the organic waste.

For more information on self-hauling requirements visit CalRecycle.  You can also download this CalRecycle_Recordkeeping_tool_Self-Haulers to help you track your self-hauling.

Residential self-haulers do not need to maintain these records.

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