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Debris Box & Clean-Up Helper Rentals

South Lake Refuse & Recycling offers permanent and temporary debris boxes for large or small amounts of waste, construction & demolition, and recyclables. Please note that regular garbage must be emptied weekly by law.  If you do not produce enough waste to fill a debris box weekly, you can get a 2, 4, or 6 cubic yard bin that can be emptied as often as 6 times per week.

We offer two types of debris boxes:


Regardless of the type of debris box you use, what can and cannot go in them remains the same.

Large Project Debris Boxes

General debris boxes are available in 20 and 30 cubic yard sizes.  We also have 10 yard boxes available for heavy materials like source separated concrete, dirt or rock.

General Rules for Debris Box Rental Service

  • There must be 18” of clearance above the box.
  • There must be adequate space and a firm surface where the box can be delivered and pulled without damaging pavement or property.
  • There must not be obstacles in front of or around the box. Obstacles may prevent the driver from emptying the box as scheduled. This will result in additional fees to return and empty at another time or day.
  • Materials MUST be below the level of the top of the box. We MUST tarp these boxes before transporting to the disposal facility. There may be additional fees for materials above the level of the box top. If the box is too overloaded and prevents a tarp from being applied, we will not be able to empty it until the additional items are removed. This will result in a service delay and additional fees to return and empty.
  • An encroachment permit may be required by the city/town/or county to have a box/bin placed in the public right-of-way such as a public street or walk-way. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that applicable standards are followed and that work is done safely with minimal impact to nearby property and pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle travel. South Lake Refuse cannot offer permits. Please check with the city or town you live in for the rules. This does not apply to boxes placed on private property.
  • A load liability waiver may be required for boxes placed on private property.
  • Boxes containing regular household or business garbage must be emptied weekly by law.

Large Project Debris Box Sizes

One cubic yard (CY) is approximately equivalent to two (2) 96-gallon carts or nine (9) kitchen size bags of trash.

10 CY*12′7’ 5″2’5″2.5 tons
20 CY14’7’ 5″5’4 tons
30 CY20’7’ 5″6′6 tons

Small Project Clean-up Helper BinS

Our Small Project Clean-up Helper Bin is perfect for home clean-ups and small DIY home construction projects. These bins are only rented for a period of 7 days.

3.5 CYGeneral Debris   .75 tons
3.5 CYSource Separated Material   .75 tons
3.5 CYConstruction & Demolition   .75 tons
3.5 CYGeneral Municipal Solid Waste   .75 tons

General Rules for Clean-up Helper Rentals

  • We only offer 3.5 cubic yard bins for small clean-up jobs. These can be used for yard clean-ups as well as home clean-ups.
  • These bins are rented for a period of 7 days (including the drop-off and pick-up day). The box will automatically be pulled on day 7.
  • Clean-up bins cannot be delivered or removed on the weekend.

Rental, Payment & Billing Options for Debris Boxes

Boxes may be rented on a temporary or a permanent basis.

    • Temporary boxes must be paid for upfront for each empty. Boxes kept more than 7 days without an empty will receive a weekly fee.
    • Permanent boxes customers may receive a monthly billing statement that can be paid by check, by phone, or online with a credit card.
    • Clean-Up Helpers – Payment up front with a credit card must be given to rent these bins. However, if you are a regular South Lake Refuse customer and are up to date with your regular service bills, the fees for this service may be applied to your quarterly or monthly statement. Customers who have outstanding balances on their account will be required to pay up front with a credit card.
  • Prices vary by service area.
  • Charges are for hauling, disposal and tonnage of the box. There is no charge for box delivery or removal (if the box is empty).
  • Additional fees may be applied for the following situations:
    • Return/Relocate Fee: This fee is applied if South Lake Refuse is unable to service a box due to overloading, safety concerns, blocked, or hazardous material.
    • Overweight Fee: The overweight fee is charged at the current disposal rate at Quakenbush Resource Recovery or South Lake Recycling
    • Contamination Fee: These rates vary by service area and materials. Source separated material boxes can only contain a single material type. For example, clean green waste, clean wood waste, metal, cardboard, glass, pomace, film wrap, etc. Other materials in the box will result in a contamination fee.
    • There are additional fees for the following items.
      • Car Tire
      • Truck Tire
      • Tractor Tire
      • TV & CRT
      • E-waste
      • Refrigerators/AC Units
      • Appliances (microwaves, washing machines etc.)
      • Mattresses
  • Boxes containing putrescible waste (trash) MUST be emptied on a weekly basis. Other source separated material boxes MUST be emptied at least 2 times in a month to avoid demurrage fees.


Additional One-Time Fees In All Areas

Fee NameDescriptionRate
Administrative Fee-ResidentialCharge per occurrence. Repeat SRVC chances, cancel service order, etc.$75.00
Return Check FeeFor billing use $35.00
Roll-off Relocation Fee – Permanent BoxesPer occurrence$190.00
Roll-off Relocation Fee – Temporary Boxes)Per occurrence $190.00
Overweight Fee – Permanent Boxes -TrashPer ton $99.61
Overweight Fee – Temporary Boxes -Green WastePer ton $77.92
Unhook compactorPer occurrence$33.00


Get a Debris Box Quote or Schedule a Delivery

To schedule a delivery or pickup of a debris box, please fill out this form or call our office 48 hours in advance. If a certificate for a C&D load is needed, please notify our office prior to the scheduled pickup date. Additional fee will apply.

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