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About us

South Lake Refuse & Recycling has been owned and operated by the Pestoni Family since 1980. The South Lake Refuse & Recycling team has a strong commitment to community and environmental stewardship. In the late 1990s Quackenbush Materials Resource Recovery and Compost facility was permitted and became operational, a partner company to SLR&R. We are proud to offer Certified Organic Compost, top soil and woodchips for your agricultural crops, local landscape projects and home garden use.

Our History

History tells us that Clear Lake is documented to be the oldest and most geologically unique lake in all of North America. Clear Lake is estimated to be 480,000 years old and the oldest lake on the continent. It was not named Clear Lake by accident. But it wasn’t given its name because of the water, either. Clear Lake was named by settlers in the late 1800s because of the astonishingly clean air found in the region. And the air remains clean to this day, with the California Air Resources Board certifying Lake County as having the cleanest air in California for the last 3 decades. It is also the home to some of best bass fishing in all of America. We are proud to service this beautiful portion of Lake County for the past 40 plus years.

What we do

South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Resource Recovery & Compost Facility. We process over half of Lake County’s recyclables and compostable materials from residential and commercial customers to self- haul into our facilities. South Lake Refuse & Recycling services the areas of Lower Lake, Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake, Cobb Mountain, and the Riviera.

In 2006 Quackenbush Compost, named after Quackenbush Mountain from where the facility is located, began compost organic materials from residential, commercial and self-haul customers. In addition we process urban and forest wood, concrete and asphalt. The facility can process up to 260 tons per day or 40,000 tons per year. We are excited to be expanding our organics collection program to include food scraps in the near future and help in reduce the effects of climate change. We are your partner for education, outreach, programs and services for a healthier and more environmentally conscious life.

Keep Lake County Beautiful and Do Your Part! Many of the recycling programs in Lake County are Free- No Need to Litter- Just check out how to drop off free materials: Metal appliances, tires, electronics, separated recyclables, motor oil, sharps, batteries and more…

Our Team

Christy Pestoni

Christy Pestoni, Chief Operating Officer at South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Compost, 31 years in the family business. Past President California Refuse Removal Council, former Sustainable Napa County board member and former member of St Helena Climate Protection Task Force.

Ray Holmes

Ray Holmes, Chief Financial Officer at South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Compost, has 30 years of experience, including time with Waste Management, working in the solid waste management and recycling industry.

Bryce Howard

Bryce Howard, General Manager at South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Compost, has worked for 40 years in the industry, including Waste Management and Republic Services.
Frank Pachote, Senior Operations Manager, has nearly three decades of experience in the waste management industry throughout Northern California. In addition, Frank is also experienced in fire facility maintenance and operations.

Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson, is the President and CEO of South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Compost. He is the former Senior Vice President of Union Bank, where he specialized in the waste industry.

Kimberly Scheibly

Kimberly Scheibly is the Franchise Contract Compliance & Customer Relations Director at South Lake Refuse & Recycling and Quackenbush Compost. She has 12 of experience with the waste industry working. She serves on the Boards of the California Compost Recycling Council and Resilient Neighborhoods and is an active member of the Northern California Recycling Association, Resource Recovery Coalition of California, and the California Resource Recovery Association.

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